Who is Emil Melom?

Who is Emil Melom?  The LDS lists an Emil Melom, born about 1869 or 1870, as a son of Ole Olsen Melom and his wife Anne.  Norwegian parish records reveal no Emil born to Anne and Ole Melom in any year from 1866 to 1883.  In fact, the first child born to this couple was baptized Ole on 10 October 1869.

There is an Emmanuel Malum born in Jackson County on 17 May 1883 and an Inges O. Malum born in Jackson on 1 July 1884.  However, if one of these individuals is the mythical "Emil," why is it that neither shows up in the census with the rest of the family?  Death is not always the answer...

There is an Emmell Mullin in the 1905 Wisconsin State Census, a male born about 1883 and whose parents are James and Nellie.  Perhaps he is the mythical Emil and has simply been attached to the wrong family.

There is also an Emil Meilahn, son of Charles and Minnie, born about 1882, appearing in the 1905 Texas State Census.

There are no death records extant for anyone who could be an Emil Melom or for anyone who was born 17 May 1883.  The closest match is an "Emil Mallon" born 15 May 1883 and died October 1971 in Pinellas, Florida.  (I believe he may be the Emmanuel Malum born in Jackson.)  The state of Florida, meanwhile, lists this man's birth as occurring in 1882.

Let us suppose this is our Emil Melom.  An Emil Mallon appears in the Minnesota Naturalization Records Index 1854-1957, for the years 1897-1903, having filed or received his final papers in Wadena County.  There is also an Otto Frederick Emil Mallon appearing in the same index for the county of Carlton.

Other than the Social Security Death Index, the LDS appears to remain silent on "Emil Mallon."

In the 1900 U.S. Census, we find the man who may be Emil Mallon living in Minnesota, enumerated as "Emil Moline."  The man living in Minnesota was born in May of 1883 in the state of Illinois.

It would seem there is no Emil Melom...


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