Still a Mystery

In my previous post, I discovered the marriage of Berthe Ellefsdatter and Knud Knudsen in the Modum, Buskerud parish records.  Along with her marriage, I discovered the name of Berthe Ellefsdatter's father - Ellef Hansen.  The farm the bride and her family were living on was listed as a bruk belonging to the Aamodt farm.  (Aside:  Aamodt or Åmot is now a village.  I am not sure if the village was built upon the lands of the Aamodt/Åmot farm or elsewhere, but, so far as I know, the Aamodt/Åmot farm does not show up in the 1950 Matrikkel.)

Recall that one of my concerns was Berthe Ellefsdatter's birthplace.  Listed as Stange Presetgjeld in the 1865 Norwegian Census, I had questions regarding the accuracy of this information stemming from the lack of "Berthe Ellefsdatters" born in Stange from a few years before the 1820's and into the 1840's.  Then, I found Berthe Ellefsdatter's father, Ellef Hansen, in the 1801 Norwegian Census living on the Aamodt farm with two siblings, his father, and his stepmother.  No Ellef Hansen can be found in the 1801 Census for Stange.  These results are suggestive... perhaps Berthe Ellefsdatter was born in Buskerud rather than Hedmark!
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