Pioneering Women Part II

Kari Knudsdatter Ruse

Kari Knudsdatter Ruse was born on the 17th of July in 1867 on the Ruse (Lundeseie) farm in Bruflat sokn in the Sør Aurdal parish of the Valdres region of Norway.  Traveling aboard the Island, a steamship, Kari Ruse arrived at the Port of New York on 7 July 1888.  Alone.  She would later marry Martin Olsen Fjeld - son of Ingeri Olsdatter Mælum av Lie and Ole Knudsen Fjeld - in about 1891, probably in Our Savior's Lutheran Church in rural Kloten, Nelson County, North Dakota.

Children of Kari Knudsdatter Ruse and Martin Olsen Fjeld:

  1. Ole Martinsen Fjeld* (1892-1954)

  2. Christian Martinsen Fjeld (1893-1993)

  3. Clarence Martinsen Fjeld (1895-1916)

  4. Inger Martinsdatter Fjeld (1896-1976)

  5. Alma Martinsdatter Fjeld (1899-1974)

  6. Agnetta Martinsdatter Fjeld (1900-1902)

  7. Albert Martinsen Fjeld (1903- ????)

  8. Melvin Martinsen Fjeld (1905-1989)

  9. Agnes Martinsdatter Fjeld (1909- ????)

According to parish records (Bruflat i Sør Aurdal, 1866-1893), Kari Knudsdatter was born to parents Knud Syversen Ruse and Anne Arnesdatter (of Hovde farm, as marriage records reveal) on 17 July 1867 and baptized on 29 September 1867 in Bruflat Kirke.  Siblings of Kari Knudsdatter Ruse are Syver, Arne, Martin, Anders, Ole, and Kristian, the latter three being her younger siblings.  This family can be found in the 1865 Telling living on the Ruse farm.

Ancestors of Kari Knudsdatter Ruse:

  • Knud Syversen Ruse, Father

  • Anne Arnesdatter Hovde, Mother

  • Syver Thidemansen Ruse, Paternal Grandfather

  • Marthe Olsdatter, Paternal Grandmother

  • Arne Syversen Hovde, Maternal Grandfather

  • Kari Andersdatter, Maternal Grandmother


  • Bruflat i Sør Aurdal, 1866-1893

  • 1865 Telling for 0540 Søndre Aurdal

  • Sør Aurdal 1825-1840 Ministerialbok

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