Can't is a Four Letter Word

In my previous post, I discovered that the Zentz web site that had drawn me into genealogy - and my Norwegian roots - had ceased to exist.

Then I got to thinking.

As opposed to rearranging my prejudices.


Somewhere, someone is archiving something everywhere. Even if the archives are incomplete. Hmm... fun and games. Or more accurately, my Fun and Games folder of bookmarks. In this handy little folder is the link to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Fun and games indeed.

I decided to give the Wayback Machine a try. It was worth the effort, because it worked. The Wayback Machine has archives of the Zentz web site from July 12, 2001 to August 6, 2007. They have nothing for 2008. Why, I don't know. The last time I accessed the Zentz site was April 14, 2008 to check my link from the blog post of the same date. So, I'm guessing the Zentz site went down sometime between April 14, 2008 and August 22, 2008. Who knows? When it came down is not all that relevant. What is relevant is that you can still view it through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. It's what genealogists of the future will be using to trace our footsteps.


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